i did not mean to put that e there im on mobile im so embarrassed



im too small to fit most clothes properly but im not short im just tiny im built like a gazelle. maybe a giraffe. probably a maned wolf

reblog that commissions post ok they have really good art please commission them



hey all you peeps

i’m in a pretty tough spot since both my mom and i currently can’t work and we really need money for medical bills and schooling and other important stuff like that that’s getting pretty costly (like thousands of dollars)

and it’s pretty urgent considering that i’m actually moving in a matter of months (i’m not entirely sure exactly when) and there are more medical things that need taking care of and paying for before i go

anyway, there are a lot of different kinds of things i can do, both digital and traditional, so i’m putting all my examples and prices and contact info and such under a cut so this post doesn’t end up being horrendously huge on your dashboard

please do spread the message, though, because i really need to make as much money as i can as fast as i can so things don’t get too bad for the family, there was one time in the past where we almost had to give away our dog because we couldn’t afford to take care of her and i definitely don’t want anything like that to happen

thanks in advance

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hello is this necromancy done cheap?? i’d like to lodge a complaint, i ordered the blade of woe and was delivered a blade of whoa. now my ritual sacrifices are smoking all my weed and getting super invested in keanu reeves movies

neon DANCE evangelion
(Mari, Asuka, Rei, Shinji, Kaworu)

neon DANCE evangelion

(Mari, Asuka, Rei, Shinji, Kaworu)